Funeral Funnery

Do you know that one does not have to be embalmed upon death? Do you, also, know that there are other options available than a traditional funeral home? We interviewed Susan Coffey, a death midwife from Going- My Way Deathcare, and Lauren Carroll, a Home Funeral Educator from Returning Home that enlightens us with the idea of a home funeral. We discussed the following topics: funeral choices, preplanning, home funeral legalities, the horrors of embalming, vaults, caskets, the shelf life of a body, honoring a loved one’s last request, autopsy requirements, City versus private cemeteries, finding closure for families, the funeral industry as a billion dollar industry, and creating your last wishes in writing.

     Monster Movie Friday Nights all through October at the Manitou Springs Heritage Center, 517 Manitou Ave. October 13th, Lon Chaney’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, October 20th, “The Killer Shrews”, and October 27th, “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”. Donations are accepted. Doors open at 6:30 P.M. and movies start at 7:00 P.M. For more info click HERE.

     We launched our first blog series about hidden historic places and things in Manitou. First up, Crystal Valley Cemetery that we talked about in Episode 100. Here’s your quick LINK. Have a great weekend everybody and do NOT behave!

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