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This week we have a Public Service Announcement to help save and preserve the home of Blues Legend, Muddy Waters.

This week's music is a Blues special with Spider Murphy and the Peter Karnes Blues Band.
Then we rock your world with Steve Lyman.

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Welcome. We are bringing to you an unbelieveable 17 year old singer we discovered in the U.K. by the name of Ms. LivZiem. This incredible singer will blow you away with her talented voice and music. We have 9 songs from her.

Then we have a song from Michael Edser. A brand new song from Doug Redmond, we are the first station in the U.S. to play this song for you.

Prepare to have your world rocked by the Blues Rock of the James Brothers Band with their 6 songs and then we finish you off with great Colorado rock from Steve Lyman and his 8 songs.

Thank you to all of our listeners and to all the artists who send us their original independent music to play here on Pika Radio!

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Welcome Back, Info about an FCC seized pirate radio station in New York, Protesting our local utility company director and his six figuare salary. New segment of "Outside Our Village" from our in the field reporter, Loren Hellem, about the Kanamara Matsuri Festival in Japan. Interview with the incredible Ms. LivZiem in near London U.K. about her music.

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Episode 54 Of the Raging Rodent Music Show this week is an all music episode. We have 8 songs with some serious love for the blues from Billy Jones "Bluez Man". Then we whiplash you and rock your world with 6 songs from  ELETE,  some great Heavy Metal. 

We can be reached by email with music or ideas to 

Again thank you all for your support and keeping Pika Radio going strong!

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This week we feature the music of the very talented Ms. Baylee Parks. Then two great songs from The Voodoo Hawks. The n we whiplash you into a great song from Mike Fryman and Hickory Creek band. Then an instrumental from our Westside friends the Dogwater band. And to finish you off, a song from Grayson. We hope you enjoy.

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Welcome back to all of our loyal listeners and a huge hello to all of our new listeners. This weeks show, we send a huge thank you out to Rikki Dee Hall and the VooDoo Hawks for passing us around to help us find new listeners. We also talk about the ongoing flood Grant just awarded to Manitou Springs, all about the positives of new blood coming into the Downtown Historic section of our village. The interview with Tammila Wright introducing the incredible talent of Ms. Baylee Parks. In Part 2, The Raging Rodent Music Show, we have all of Ms. Parks music for you to discover. We had the incredible help from world famous sound engineer, Chet Bennett and International recording artist, Dave German, by recording Ms. Parks' live music for this weeks show. Thank you Chet, Dave, and Baylee. 

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