Episode 15

Aloha! Welcome back to Pika Radio. We have really an incredible show for you this week. We start things off with an interview with the Miramont Castle for National Historic Preservation Month. Episode 3 with the lovely bikini clad beach loving island girl Miss Desiree Flemming from Honolulu Hawaii. In #3 we explore Kauai, the legends of the islands like the Nightmarchers and music provided by Miss Kamokila of The Mountain Apple Company.Calendar of Local events. Then we launch off with an incredible interview with nationaly known musician Mr. Spider Murphy (www.spidermurphys.net) about his 50+ long musical career and all the people he has backed music for. Joined in is Mr. Chet Bennett, with his 50+ years as a major record producer became a writer for Muscle Shoals Sound Pub [BMI] and Formular Music [ASCAP and worked with James Brown, Roy Orbison, Bertie Higgins, Jim Stafford, Mike Pinera [Iron Butterfly, Blues Image], Peter Tosh [Bob Marley's Wailers], Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Wallace, The Original Drifters, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson to Willie Nelson and the rest of the CBS roster. Then we end the episode with a selection of music from the new ly mastered not yet released album from Spider and Chet. Sit back, crank it up, and take a trip to the Mississippi Delta. Ahhhyeee!

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