Episode 10

Welcome back to Pika Radio for Episode 10! This is a 2 hour and 40 minute long show with some great guest interviews and over an hour of commercial free non stop genre wiplash music. Everything from yodeling to Wayne Hammerstadt to the Dog Water band. We have our Talking Turkey segment. A special interview with Mr. Randall Snoddy that has ties to the early days of the Grand Old Opry and music legends that he has played guitar with over his 90 years and also plays a tune for us. We continue with our Outside Our Village series from Scotland with Denise and Caitlin in part 3. Interview with August Mergelman,playwrite, about his dramatic play "The Ghost Of Emma Crawford". Interview with local B&B owner Gwenn David from the Avenue B&B about her new incredible cookbook, and the local calendar of events. Enjoy!

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